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How to clone website with SEToolkit Kali Linux

In this tutorial, I'll tell you the best way to Simply utilize the Social Engineering toolbox on Kali Linux

SEToolkit is a program by TrustestSEC that has many features from stealing credentials, so carrying out Metasploit payloads.

Step 1) Open your terminal and type Setoolkit in Kali Linux OS

Note: You will be presented with a question. I recommend answering "yes", however that is your choice.

For this tutorial, I will use the Social-Engineering Attacks menu. Type 1 and press [Enter] key to continue.

Type 2and press [Enter] key to continue ( Website Attack Vectors)
The Most Powerful 8 Attacks
From below menu Type 5 and press [Enter] key to continue (Web Jacking Attack Method)

Type 2 and press [Enter] key to continue

Let's enter your IP address for SEToolkit to report back to. you'll be able to use your external IP if you're doing this over the Internet. However please ensure that port forward port 80 to your local IP
Enter the Local IP address and then enter the URL for cloning: For example :

Now shorten that copied IP Address using any URL shortener service and then send the link to your victim.

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