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Top computer programing languages for future

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

In today's world, one of the most vital skills is the ability to write a program. all because computer technology is everywhere like vehicles factories or in household appliances.

Programming simplified our lives. And now we will check the topmost and popular programming languages for students, beginners or already know the programming,

Have you decided what programming languages will you learn or need help with this blog especially for you? Learning or choosing what programming language suits you from a career point of view is not an easy task we will try to help you to choose the best programming languages of the future.


Our first choice is Python just because of fast, user-friendly, and easy to deploy and use python programming language has no doubt earned first place in our blog. Most powerful scripting language with a dizzying amount of modules along with libraries. It seems anything can do everything that we need. Python is free and open-source we can use python also for commercial use. Python has a very easy and simple elegant syntax. if we compare Python with other languages like c++, java, or c# python is much easier to read and write. We can also move Python programs from one platform to another and run them without facing any type of issues or changes.

Why Learn Python Programing language?

  • Python is easy to understand and learn, Syntax is easy and readable code.

  • We can use python in different types of a platform, for example, developing web applications, data science, etc.

  • It gives you to write programs in short lines than most of the other programming languages.

  • Day by day python's popularity fastly increasing now most popular programming is python.


JAVA is one of the most popular programming languages created in 1995. and its owned by Oracle and more than 3 billion running java devices.

Java basically used for Mobile applications, Desktop applications, Web Applications, games, Database connections, and much more.

Why we use Java Programming Langauge?

  • Easy to use and easy to learn

  • Java support multiple platforms ( Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, etc)

  • Open source and free

  • One of the most popular programming language in the programming world

  • Java is a secure, fast, and powerful language

  • Java is an object-oriented language that helps us to provide clear structure programs and allows code to reuse along with lowering the development costs

  • Java is close to C++ and C+ its helps us to switch to Java or vice versa


Basically, c++ is a cross-platform programming language and it used to create high-performance applications developed by Bjarne Stroustrup. It provides a high level of control over the memory and system resources.

Why use C++: C++ is one of the most popular programming languages. and can be found in today's operating pc, Graphical user interfaces, and embedded systems. It comes with an object-oriented programming language that provides a clear structure to programs and allows code to reuse for another task also lowering development costs. C++ basically portable and can be adapted to multiple platforms as per our requirement also easy to learn. C++ almost close to C# and java hence it makes it easy for programmers to switch to C++.

JavaScript: is first known as LiveScript but Netscape changed the name to JavaScript. JavaScript is basically a dynamic computer programming language and most commonly used in web pages.

Richer interfaces: we can use javaScript for including drag and drop components along with sliders to provide a Richer interface to the site visitors.


Go or Golang is open-source programming and it makes it easy to build reliable, simple and efficient software. GoLang is a new programming language with a full pack of solutions.

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