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The security team Secures your cloud databases or you might suffer the consequences like Mangatoon. An unsecured database belonging to the platform led to a data breach, disclosing the personal data of millions. Telecom carriers are under increasing cyberattacks. A LockBit attack on a French telco operator resulted in a week-long outage. In other news, threat actors have resorted to impersonating cybersecurity firms in phishing attacks. Read along for the latest cyber news from the weekend.

Threat Intelligence - Hacking news

Top Breaches, Malware, Vulnerabilities Reported in the Last 24

  1. Mangatoon, a comic-reading platform, underwent a data breach, exposing 23 million user accounts. The hacker stole the data from an unsecured Elasticsearch database.

  2. A ransomware attack by LockBit against French telephone operator La Poste Mobile disrupted management and administrative services. The gang has listed the victim’s name on its leak site.

  3. Russia-based Killnet group has been bombarding Latvia with a series of cyberattacks, including a 12-hour attack on one of its broadcasting centers.

  4. The $540 million theft from Axie Infinity’s Ronin Bridge was conducted by threat actors tricking a former employee with a fake job offer on LinkedIn, found a new report.

  5. A new ransomware operation, dubbed 0mega, is targeting organizations across the world in double-extortion schemes. Active since May, the group has already breached several firms.

  6. A callback phishing campaign is impersonating renowned cybersecurity organizations, revealed CrowdStrike. The adversaries would claim that the company is breached and urge the recipients to call a certain number.

  7. A large-scale phishing campaign is leveraging the Anubis Network, a C2 portal, to target internet users in Portugal and Brazil since March. The campaign is hidden via Cloudflare CDN.

  8. A recent disclosure by the Gloucester City Council revealed that the December 2021 cyberattack on the U.K city, by alleged Russia-based hackers, resulted in the theft of the citizens’ addresses, signatures, bank details, national insurance numbers, and driving licenses.

  9. The new Rolling PWN attack could allow hackers to unlock and steal Honda cars if they are armed with a software-defined radio.

  10. Threat intelligence collection and sharing firm Recorded Future announced the acquisition of Hatching, a Dutch malware analysis firm, for an undisclosed sum.

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