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Threat Intelligence Cybersecurity Hacking News July 25, 2021

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Threat Intelligence - Hacking news Attacks on most critical infrastructure have become the new normal. A cyberattack at a very large South African rail, port, and pipeline company halted key operations for freight rail and logistics entities. In other Cybersecurity news, a gun trading website is urging customers to stay vigilant owing to a recent data breach. In a positive development, Kaseya announced the availability of a decryptor tool for the victims of the recent ransomware attack. On that note, let’s continue reading for the top cybersecurity highlights for the day.

  1. A cyber attack aimed at Transnet disrupted container operations at the South African port of Cape Town. The busiest shipping terminal in sub-Saharan Africa, Durban, was also impacted by the attack.

  2. Kaseya has announced receiving a universal decryptor for victims of the REvil ransomware attack. About three weeks ago, the Florida-based software vendor was hit by a widespread supply chain attack

  3. The website of Guntrader was compromised to expose a database containing partial information from a CRM product used by gun shops across the U.K, impacting nearly 111,000 users.

  4. Hackers targeted the Milanote app, a tool for organizing creative projects, to perform credential-stealing campaigns that can escape Secure Email Gateways (SEGs).

  5. According to Digital Shadows, over 700 organizations suffered a ransomware attack and had their data posted on data leak sites in the second quarterof2021.

  6. Aramco acknowledged data leak from the company and mentioned the ransom demand of $50 million as part of the extortion attempt. Hackers claim to have stolen 1TB worth of company data.

  7. Group-IB and Dutch National Policenabbed the members of phishing framework distributor codenamed The Fraud Family.

  8. Cofense reported an email phishing scam delivering an HTML application file camouflaged as fake patches for a new vulnerability affecting the Chrome browser

  9. Secure DevOps firm Sysdig acquired A policy to expand its offering to include Infrastructure as Code (IaC) security.

  10. Sophos acquired cybersecurity startup Braintrace that offers organizations visibility into suspicious network traffic patterns.

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