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Types of Encryption for protecting our valuable data from hackers.

Encryption is the process of encoding data in such a way that only authorized users can check it. each secret's a string of records, including letters and numbers, that creates completely unique encryption of the authentic data.

Furthermore, you possibly know more encryption algorithms than you recognize. here a number of the most commonplace encryption sorts, with a little information about how they work:

Symmetric-Key Algorithms

Let’s start with the symmetric key. Mainly this type of algorithm uses the same cryptographic key for encrypting and decrypting data.

Of direction, which means that the key desires to be shared in advance of time among the sender and the receiver. in cryptography, these people are referred to as Ani and Bati, respectively. Ani can send Bati a message, but the bat won’t be able to apprehend it till he has the key that Ani used to encrypt it.

The biggest issue with symmetric key encryption is needed to have a safe and proper way to get the encryption key to the other party.

AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)

AES is a layout-keeping algorithm that became first set up via the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology in 2001. It became primarily based on the Rijndael cipher created by two Belgian cryptographers. because it's miles enormously resilient towards all acknowledged assaults, u.s. government has adopted AES as its encryption technique of choice for protecting data from unauthorized access or Hackers.


Twofish is a symmetric key block cipher with 128 bits and key size up to256 bits. Mainly Twofish is the successor of the old Blowfish cipher algorithm which was designed by Bruce Schneier. Twofish is a flexible algorithm that works well on smaller computers and is likewise free of licensing and copyright for all to make use of.

Asymmetric algorithms

Asymmetric cryptography is a branch of cryptography where a secret key may divide into two parts, a) Public Key b) Private Key. The public key can be given to anyone, trusted or not, but the Private key will be secret.

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