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Nslookup command-line tool which is used to find the address that corresponds to a host or the domain name that corresponds to an IP address (this process called “Reverse DNS Lookup”

The name Nslookup stands for “name server lookup.”

Why we use nslookup command

Nslookup is used for troubleshooting of server connections or for Security purposes for reasons of safety form Phishing attacks

Top 10 Nslookup commands for Troubleshoot DNS
1) How to find the A record of а domain.

Command : nslookup domain.com

2) SOA record query of a domain.

Command : nslookup -type=soa example.com


3) Checking NS records of a domain.

Command : nslookup -type=ns domain.com

4 ) Information gathering all of the available DNS records of a domain.

Command : nslookup -type=any domain.com


5) How to identify the MX records that are responsible for the email exchange.

Command : nslookup -query=mx example.com

6) Check by using specific Name server or DNS

Command : nslookup example.com ns1.nsexample.com

7)  Change the Port number for the connection :

Command: nslookup -port=56 domain.com

8) Reverse DNS Lookup.

Command: IP

9) Time out internal

Command: nslookup -timeout=20 domain.com

10) Enable Debug mode

Command: nslookup -debug example.com


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