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Network Penetration by using Nmap NSE Scripts Part- 1

Updated: Jan 28

NSE Scripts

There are four types of NSE scripts, namely:

  1. Prerule scripts.

  2. Host scripts

  3. Postrule scripts

  4. Service scripts

  • nmap -sC Scan by using safe scripts

  • nmap --script-help=ssl-heartbleed Get help for scripts

  • nmap -sV -p 443 –script=ssl-heartbleed.nse (Target Ips) Nse Scripts scanning

  • nmap -sV --script=smb* Set of NSE scripts scanning

  • nmap --script whois* domain.com Whois query

  • nmap -p80 --script http-sql-injection (domain.com)

  • nmap -Pn --script=dns-brute domain.com Brute forces DNS hostnames guessing subdomains

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