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Mario Balotelli Involved in Scary Audi Crash But Escapes Unharmed

Former Premier League striker Mario Balotelli was recently involved in a frightening car accident in his hometown of Brescia, Italy. The controversial football star crashed his Audi Q8 into a wall late Thursday night but luckily managed to escape without any serious injuries.

The Crash

According to reports, at around 8:30 pm on November 23rd, Balotelli lost control of the Audi while driving through Brescia. His vehicle ultimately collided with a nearby wall, deploying the airbags.

Despite the significant impact, the 32-year-old Balotelli was able to exit the wreckage himself where he was immediately seen by paramedics. Authorities did attempt to administer a breathalyzer test, but Balotelli declined, resulting in his license being revoked.

Back to Football

The crash comes just after the Italian striker rejoined Turkish club Adana Demirspor back in September. In his five appearances with the club so far, he's scored an impressive three goals, showing glimpses of his former self.

Balotelli has a storied football career, with past stints at major clubs like Manchester City, Liverpool, and Marseille. His performances on the pitch have always been controversial though, mirrored by his antics off it.

This latest car accident is just another entry in Mario Balotelli's long history of off-field incidents. Still, the Italian international remains focused on boosting Adana Demirspor and potentially fighting his way back onto Italy's national squad.

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