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Gobble Up These NFL Thanksgiving Games 2023

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  • Gobble Up These NFL Thanksgiving Games 2023

Thanksgiving and football are an iconic pairing. When you sit down for your feast this Thanksgiving, make sure you have plans to catch all the gridiron action. This annual tradition brings some hugely anticipated NFL Thanksgiving games that you won’t want to miss.

  • Tune Into These Must-See NFL Thanksgiving Games

The 2023 holiday schedule features three mouthwatering NFL Thanksgiving games no football fan can afford to skip:

  • Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions – 12:30 PM EST on Fox

  • Washington Commanders vs Dallas Cowboys – 4:30 PM EST on CBS

  • San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks - 8:20 PM EST on NBC

From NFC North rivals to an NFC East Thanksgiving showdown, these NFL Thanksgiving games offer some extremely intriguing storylines. Expect hard hits, stellar plays, and major implications in the playoff race during this Turkey Day football extravaganza.

  • Gear Up for NFL Thanksgiving Games 2023

As you prepare your menu and decoration plans for Thanksgiving Day, make sure you also gear up to tune into NFL action. Here’s a quick game plan to catch every minute of football this holiday:

  • Stock up on team snacks and beverages so you can snack in comfort.

  • Invite fellow football fanatics over to share in the NFL excitement.

  • Set those DVRs to record games, just in case your meal preparations cause you to miss some plays.

  • Check out pro-football focused streaming options like NFL+ or FuboTV if you lack cable channels that show NFL Thanksgiving games.

  • Carve out time after your feast to catch every intense minute.

Gobble down your fill of turkey, stuffing, pie and all your Thanksgiving favorites. But leave room for an extra helping of hard hitting NFL action with this guide to the must see NFL Thanksgiving games 2023 has to offer.

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