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Fsociety tools in Kali linux ( Mr. Robot)

Fsociety is the most powerful tool for Ethical hackers or penetration testing. This below-mentioned framework has all the tools that are used in the very popular Mr. robot hacking series.

  1. Information Gathering

  2.     Password Attacks

  3.     Wireless Testing

  4.     Exploitation Tools

  5.     Sniffing & Spoofing

  6.     Web Hacking

  7.     Private Web Hacking

  8.     Post Exploitation

  9.     Contributors

Steps to Install Fsociety

Step1 ) open terminal and execute the below-mentioned to clone this tool

  • git clone

Step 2) cd fsociety/ Press Enter

Step 3) ls -all

Step 4) chmod +x

Step 5)

Step 6: Type fsociety and hit enter Click on yes

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