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Digital way to fraud by using QR code

QR darkworldhacker

QR code is almost everywhere - Dakrworkldhacker Team will tell you about the bad side of QR code and also will provide you the Safety precaution while Scanning the barcode at the Tea stall, Market, etc etc.

Scammers are now using the digital technic of hacking for stealing money from your bank accounts.

How you can protect yourself

Selling any product online like Olx or any other market place very easy, however, lots of risks involved while dealing with online transactions. Now a day scammer behaves like a buyer . for example they send a QR code to the seller on WhatsApp and ask them to scan the code to receive money.

Cybersecurity Tips

The First thing you need to remember is that when you are receiving money, you do not need to scan any QR code.

  1. Scanning of QR code is required only while making a payment.

  2. Do not scan any QR code while accepting payments.

  3. Do not scan any QR code if you do not know its origin.

  4. Be careful while scanning QR code at a Tea stall or any other place

  5. Verify the merchant's details and URL if shared with you.

  6. When scanning a QR code, ensure that the merchant's name is genuine before proceeding.

  7. Install antivirus on your mobile devices

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