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Daily Cybersecurity Roundup, March 17, 2022

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Top 10 hacking news

Healthcare data is critical, and hackers know it through and through. A health district in Washington State revealed a cyber incident impacting a variety of confidential information, including financial and health details of patients. Meanwhile, Russian hackers were spotted using a new botnet against Asus devices. Furthermore, SolarWinds warned its customers of attacks on its Web Help Desk product. Keep reading to know the top ten events that shaped the cybersecurity landscape in the past 24 hours.

  1. The Chelan Douglas Health District, Washington, alerted individuals about a breach incident that supposedly exposed their PHI and other sensitive data.

  2. The Cyclops Blink botnet, allegedly developed by the Russia-backed Sandworm (Voodoo Bear) hacker group, launched a wave of attacks targeting Asus routers.

  3. Check Point discovered 2,113 mobile apps—with tens of millions of downloads—leaking sensitive user information, owing to misconfigured back-end cloud databases.

  4. AhnLab found a malware threat dubbed Gh0stCringe targeting Oracle's open-source MySQL and Microsoft's SQL Server by abusing weak user credentials.

  5. In the wake of new attacks, SolarWinds urged customers to remove their Web Help Desk instances from their publicly accessible infrastructure.

  6. The NSA and the CISA have released the updated Cybersecurity Technical Report for Kubernetes customers. It will aid them in better managing and securing container applications.

  7. Sophos claimed to have found a cryptocurrency scam, dubbed CryptoRom, pilfering thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrency from unsuspecting Android and iPhone users.

  8. Microsoft reported that Trickbot operators have updated their infrastructure to compromise MikroTik devices that are widely used worldwide across industries.

  9. Iranian cybercriminals dropped a video on a Telegram channel that contained personal photos and other personal documents related to Mossad’s Chief.

  10. Mission Critical Partners acquired a cybersecurity firm that works for federal, state, and local government agencies and commercial entities, Secure Halo

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