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Threat Intelligence Cybersecurity Hacking News , April 29, 2022

DeFi attacks are becoming a serious concern for the crypto industry. For instance, a sophisticated hacker pulled off a heist worth millions of dollars from a DeFi firm. In another streak, the website and email system of a county in the Canadian province of Ontario were knocked offline. But why not secure your network before attackers hit it! Watch out for warnings against multiple threats in today’s newsletter. Continue to read more highlights in this space from the past 24 hours.

Top 10 hacking news
Top 10 hacking news

Top 10 hacking news

  1. DeFi platform Deus Finance suffered a flash loan attack wherein hackers bilked $13.4 million worth of cryptocurrency. However, the loss could be higher than initially estimated.

  2. Elgin County, Ontario, may have fallen victim to a Conti ransomware attack. Research experts claimed to found stolen government data on the dark web.

  3. ESET revealed that threat group TA410—known for targeting attacks against U.S. utilities—actually comprised three independent subgroups that have been operating globally since 2018.

  4. Ukraine CERT is reportedly investigating a series of ongoing DDoS attacks targeting country organizations and government portals. Most hack attempts were observed originating from compromised sites, most of which prominently use the WordPress CMS.

  5. Users of Synology and QNAP NAS devices have been warned against the exploitation of multiple critical bugs in Netatalk, an open-source AFP fileserver.

  6. Scammers were spotted impersonating bank tech support teams and telling unsuspecting users that they were just saved by a potential theft incident. In one incident, a hacker swindled $11,000 from an individual.

  7. Security analysts at Rapid7 warned against the exploitation of the Redis flaw, which has CVSS score of 10, as they identify 2,000 internet-exposed Linux servers impacted by it.

  8. CERT-In rolled out a new set of rules that mandates Indian organizations to report 20 different types of infosec incidents within six hours of detection.

  9. Israeli cybersecurity firm for DDoS mitigation Mazebolt Technologies secured $10 million from existing shareholders in equity financing.

  10. Privacy and data protection firm Enveil closed $25 million in Series B funding led by USAA in the presence of Mastercard, Capital One Ventures, C5 Capital, DataTribe, and others.

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