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Daily Cybersecurity Roundup, April 26, 2022

The security of the NFT space was challenged once again after cybercriminals stole millions from a popular NFT project. In another major attack, a U.S-based beverage giant has initiated an investigation into a ransomware attack claim. Evil Emotet returns! The malware group has resurfaced after a ten-month hiatus, trying out luck via new tricks. Join in to scroll through the other key highlights for the day.

Top 10 hacking news

  1. The Instagram account of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT project was hacked. Approximately $2.7 million worth of NFTs were stolen.

  2. Stormous ransomware gang allegedly embezzled 161 GB of data from Coca-Cola and offered the data for sale on the dark web for about $64,000.

  3. Aeropost, Florida, advised its customers to remove credit card details saved onto its website owing to a data breach on its servers.

  4. ARcare notified individuals of a breach that may have compromised their personal and/or medical information, including SSNs and health insurance information.

  5. Global professional services firm BlueForce fell victim to a network intrusion event, compromising the personal records of individuals. Rumours are Conti could be involved.

  6. A Kaspersky report found that DDoS attacks have hit an all-time high during the first quarter of the year. There was a sudden spike in late February as the result of the crisis in Ukraine.

  7. APT37, which is suspected to have ties with the North Korean government, is targeting journalists with sophisticated info-stealer malware, dubbed Goldbackdoor.

  8. Emotet was spotted sending out millions of phishing emails in mass spam campaigns. Hackers involved are reportedly innovating with new attack techniques for low detection.

  9. Brussels-based Intigriti raised $22.4 million in Series B round led by Europe’s Octopus Ventures, with participation from EnBW New Ventures and Intigriti’s largest shareholder, ETF Partners.

  10. Cybersecurity software provider Sophos acquired a U.K-based provider of a cloud-based security alert investigation and triage automation solution, SOC.OS.

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