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Threat Intelligence Cybersecurity Hacking News , May 01, 2022

Today, we have two victims in the DeFi world that lost over $80 million together. Furthermore, a U.S. college has urged all students, faculty, and staff for a password reset owing to a ransomware intrusion. In different news, the CISA drew attention to allocating funds to the water sector in the U.S. under FEMA grants. Let’s continue reading for the top highlights from the weekend.

Top 10 hacking news

  1. DeFi platforms Rari Capital and Fei Protocol have lost more than $80 million in separate incidents. While the former halted its operations, the latter offered hackers to keep $10 million from the stolen funds.

  2. Kellogg Community College, Michigan, disclosed a ransomware attack, forcing all KCC campuses to shut down their networks until further notice.

  3. Onleihe, a well-known German library service, notified users of a ransomware attack by the Lockbit group that targeted its service provider EKZ.

  4. Russian state-sponsored APT29 was observed targeting diplomatic and government entities worldwide as part of its spear-phishing campaigns. The campaign reportedly began in mid-January.

  5. Chinese APT Override Panda, aka Naikon, was found launching new phishing attacks to collect intelligence from ASEAN members to steal sensitive data.

  6. According to Minerva, the new Black Basta ransomware group, that has targeted at least a dozen companies globally, may have a connection to the Conti actors.

  7. Microsoft advised Edge users to update the Chrome browser that has received 30 security fixes, including seven critical vulnerabilities, that can be exploited for system takeover.

  8. The CISA highlighted the urgency of allocating $80 million to the water sector out of the first $1 billion in Rescue Act funding (in FEMA grants) to help state and local entities improve their cybersecurity posture.

  9. Endpoint security firm Fleet secured $20 million in Series A by venture capital CRV with participation from a range of cybersecurity executives.

  10. Infrastructure security service provider Smallstep Labs raised $26 million in funding in two investment rounds; a $7 million seed round led by Boldstart Ventures and $19 million in Series A round led by StepStone Group, with other participants.


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