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Common Internet Security Tips for everyone.

Internet Security

Tip #1: HTTPS are more secure than HTTP:

URLs beginning with Http aren't secure. websites beginning with https: are the usage of ssl certificates basically https is HTTP with additional protection. however, this additional protection can be extraordinarily essential, particularly for web sites that take touchy records from its users, consisting of credit score card facts and passwords.

Tips#2: Don’t use the same password for all your accounts

There are two risks when using only one password.

First, if any of your accounts are hacked then all accounts are vulnerable. If a hacker is able to get your password for one account, they can now run around and use that password on all your accounts like Facebook, Gmail, banking net banking login etc.

Second, by using the same password everywhere chances increases for a hacker to steal your password.

Example if Services A, B and C using top-level of Password security and service D using Low-grade password security then you become the easiest target for hackers.

Tips#3 Public or Free Wi-Fi Connections Can Harm You

Unfortunately, Free Wi-Fi network is inherently less secure than your personal, private one.

such connections are not protected by any passwords. Some people intentionally make their wi-fi hotspots “unsecured” so as to look into the data of folks who connect with their connection.

Tips#4 Phishing scam

Think before you click!!

Phishing is a technique used by hackers to try to attain your private information. the suitable end result of phishing is to get preserve of an unwilling user’s info inclusive of login credentials and/ or financial details. some other viable result of this attack is where a user accidentally downloads malware. the malware then infects the users pcs

Phishing attacks totally rely on the victim/ user performing an action without figuring out the results. such actions maybe clicking a hyperlink or opening an email attachment.

  • Never click links from an unknown sender

Tips#5: Update software regularly :

Make sure your pcs up to date. Regular updating your patch /windows update is an essential step in protecting against virus or from malware.

Additional Tips:# Use a VPN - Hotspot Shield, Express Vpn etc
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