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Big Question what is the difference between Surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web?

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

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Have you ever hear about Darkworld or Dark web? If so it may sound mysterious. The dark web is a decentralized/trustless anonymous network that makes users as anonymous as possible by routing communication between two users or more.

Let me guide you on how the Dark web is different from the normal web or we called the surface web. Level 1) The ‘Normal’ Web Or The Surface Web: This is the part of the web that can be accessed by search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Cyber Security experts said that this is between just 4-10% of the entire internet.

Level 2) The Deep Web. While you searching on the web, for example, accessing Facebook, shopping online all this is called the surface web, and the Deep web is deeper than the normal web. The deep web is the secret web that is not visible to the normal user the web not indexed by search engines. Deep web store personal data etc so its protects by the paywall

Level 3) The Dark web is the encrypted side of the Web where illegal activity can take place its depend on users. By using TOR we can access the dark web The criminal activities like drugs dealing, killing humans, etc take place hence we recommended don’t stay away from the dark web for safety

Big Question how to access Dark Web

The easiest way to access the Dark Web world is via The Onion Network ( TOR) tor provide encrypting activity while communication

Note: The Dark Web is NOT an enjoyable place to visit Never purchase anything from the dark web

The writing of this blog is only for educational purposes. we don’t promote any type of illegal activities and we are not responsible for any illegal activity.

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