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Are you working from Home then you must to follow some basic cybersecurity Hygiene

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

The novel coronavirus is totally changed the daily lifestyle of users. Working from home could increase cybersecurity risk. Cybersecurity hygiene can help.

Tips to help stay secure when you work from home networks.

1) Need to maintain good password hygiene. Users should use tricky passwords Example "#Pq8?8k6smuw7FUh"multifactor authentication where possible and change these passwords frequently.

2) Seriously from my experience, Hacker loves security flaws.

  • Software/Patch updates help you to secure from CyberCriminal so Update your systems and software. Individual users should install updates and patches in a timely manner

  • Software updates all about your security.

3) Stay safe From Covid_19 Phishing Emails: CyberCriminals taking advantage of covid19 outbreak.

  • Don't Panic

  • Look but don't click on links

  • Analyze the email

  • Ask help from your IT Department

One Big Question is "You Clicked the Phishing/Malicious Link, So What Now?"Disconnect from the internet

  • Scan your pc from Antivirus or End Point Security

  • Change your password ( Including System password, Web-based logins Like Facebook or Net bank login, etc.

  • Make sure you’ve backed up files somewhere safe.

4) Don't mix office work with personal work. Employees should use their own devices for personal work, not office laptops or computers

. Due to the Data Security policy or web base access policy.

#Stay Safe #stay at home

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